Carousel of Dreams 1

A (mostly) classic anthology of stories and poems edited by Gina Alkazian

One story in this volume would be considered 4th Season (see NOTE below)

published in 1990

rated R

Art by Sherri White, Star, Rita Terrell, Jan Eastwood, Susan Perry Lewis

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Classic stories and poems, mostly spinning off 2nd season, some splitting off from the Trilogy into Continued Classic.

Authors: Sherri White, Gina Alkazian, Gretchen Kopmanis, Bobbi, Margaret Davis, Linda Mooney, Kathleen Hall, Kay Simon, Joyce Kliekamp, Sharon Wells, and Star

In Love Child, Catherine is pregnant with Vincent's baby . This story is continued in Carousel of Dreams 2.

NOTE: Family and Fatherhood is an account of Catherine deciding to bear a baby resulting from her rape by a stranger. Though handled well, this story may not be for everyone,

NOTE: In the story Ever After, Vincent dreams of Catherine as he grieves her death, wasting away in a wish to join her.


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