Candlelight 1 – The Candlelight Collection

11 Classic/Continued Classic stories by Avril Bowles, Volume 1 in the Candlelight series

112 pages

published 1991

rated G

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from the flyer: An anthology of original stories, some plunging Vincent and Catherine into danger and adventure - others steering them into gentler albeit equally emotional waters, whilst all the while preserving the atmosphere of the TV show and exploring the most touching love story the screen has unfolded.

In A Memory of Christmas, when Father goes Above to buy Christmas gifts, the amnesia he suffers follow an accident heralds heartbreak and danger for Vincent.

In The Danger Beyond the Dream,  Vincent and Catherine take the trip they both yearned for in Remember Love and learn a hard lesson from the experience.

In The Touch of Love, Catherine's solution for relieving Vincent's headache has an unexpected outcome.

In Sacrifices, when Elliot Burch is catapulted back into Catherine's life, Vincent believes he should make the ultimate sacrifice in her best interest.



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