Candlelight 3 – Love and Lyrics

7 Classic/Continued Classic stories by Avril Bowles, Volume 3 in the Candlelight series

117 pages

published 1992

Several stories are described as having a focus on V and C’s physical relationship, but the rating of those stories is undetermined at this time.

art by Chris

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From the author's introduction: This time every story has a theme inspired by its title ... a well-known song. With the except of Don't Rock The Boat, these are all love songs. All stories are in the Classic vein, no third season.

In Fool If You Think It's Over Vincent misunderstands the attraction Catherine feels for another man.

Catherine's birthday surprise goes awry in Don't Rock the Boat.

In You Light Up My Life, a man with a grudge against Vincent pulls a callous stunt, sending Catherine into danger and forcing Vincent to acknowledge his blessings.


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