A Classic adult anthology edited by Pat Leslie, M. Sue Waugh, Barbara Hill, and Alexandra Kent

126 pages

rated R – R+ – X depending on your sensitivities, some explicit art

Art by Inez Brown, Pam Martin, Teri Milliman, Rosemarie Hauer, Sandy “Chan” Shelton

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Adult themes and images.

Mostly consummation/first time stories by Lynette Combs, Andrea Dumasius, Sue Glasgow, Barbara Hill, Trish Kehoe, Teri Milliman, and M. Sue Waugh

Poetry by Gloria De Leon, Patricia Kehoe, Pat Leslie, Rosemarie Hauer, Peter McWilliams

Shades of Gray and Just an Ordinary Man both present V/C's disquiet at finding their respective gray hairs.

In Curiosity, Etc., Vincent is tempted by Catherine trying to untangle a ball of yarn.

Some stories take off from different 1st or 2nd season episodes. A Gentle Reign, for instance, takes off from To Reign in Hell. I Felt You Go assumes a sexual aftermath to The Watcher.

The only story with any reference to 3rd season events  is The Other Side of the River which offers Vincent a chance to recover Catherine from death and is a rewrite of third season as a SND story with a few twists.

A Treasure, A Promise flashes back from current-lovers V and C to the eight months between C's return Above in the pilot and V's first venturing to her balcony.



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