Book of Secrets 6

Continuing Classic stories and poetry (C and V are married) stories by Sharon Wells, Gretchen Kopmanis, Pat Leslie, Linda Mooney

rated PG

208 pages

published 1990

Art by Jan Eastwood, Mary Ellen Nicosia, Holly Riedel, Pat Leslie, Barbara Gipson, Sophia Kelly-Shutz, Paula Ollie

Color cover art by Lawrence Williams

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The Book 6 story line continues from previous volumes as Catherine and Vincent cope with the trials of her pregnancy and the birth of their son who resembles his father.

A friend of Catherine's is in despair when she loses her husband and is brought Below to heal.

A private investigator from Book Of Secrets 2 plans to cash in on the evidence he gathered on Vincent when he worked for Elliot Burch while Paracelsus schemes to steal Vincent's child to replace the 'son' he lost.


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