Book of Secrets 5

Continuing Classic (C and V are married) stories Sharon Wells and Gretchen Kopmanis

rated PG

164 pages

published 1989

Art by Anna Deavers, Star Cook,Dragon, Holly Riedel, Mary Ellen Nicosia, Marilyn Cole, Frances Quin, Edity Crowe, and Sharon Wells

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The fifth volume of the series follows Vincent and Catherine through the first few week of their marriage.

In Girl's Night Out Vincent is still recovering from his gunshot wound from Book of Secrets 4 and is unable to save Catherine when she is in danger Above.

Vincent and Catherine finally visit Connecticut in A Promise Kept.

In Full Circle, the past, present, and future are united as Catherine reads Darrilyn MacGregor's journal.

Devin, Joe, and original characters figure in the stories. There's much action and adventure included, plus Catherine discovers she's pregnant!


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