Book of Secrets 3

Classic stories and poetry by authors Sharon Wells and Kay Simon, some classic (not fan-written) poetry as well

rated PG

228 pages

published 1989

Art by Sharon Wells, Peggy Spalding, Sue Dave, Rhoda Strobel

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A continuation of the series. Jamie, Elliot, and some original characters figure strongly in these stories. Also included - a trivia quiz.

In The Golden Lock a friend who is staying with Catherine glimpses Vincent and is convinced she saw an extraterrestrial. Father tells Catherine stories of young Vincent.

Seeds of Doom continues from Book of Secrets 2 as Elliot Burch's surveillance of Catherine reveals her secret and Paracelsus captures Vincent as he plans his take-over of the Tunnel World and the destruction of Father.

In A Wish in Time, Vincent and Catherine decide to marry and experience some magical moments.


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