Bondstories 7 – A Rare and Precious Love

Anthology of stories and poetry edited by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp and Leslie Hunten

rated PG-13 – R

176 pages

Art by Rosemarie Hauer, Alexandra Fössinger, Jackie Kapke, Pam Tuck, Renate Haller, Colby Pfeil, Connie Asch, and Sandy  “Chan” Shelton.

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9 stories and 2 poems by Rosemarie Hauer, Ann R. Brown, Jackie Kapke, Andrea Dumasius, Joyce Fuller Kleikamp, Andrea Dumasius

In Sea Squirts Vincent tries to cope with explaining sex to tunnel fifth-grader Emmie.

A Raft of Peace draws on Amerindian lore and wedding customs and Southwestern ambience as Catherine journeys to Santa Fe for a friend's wedding.

FTD presents a tale of C receiving gifts from what seems an unknown admirer ... who proves to be most dangerous.


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