Bondstories 8 – Claiming Destiny

Anthology of stories and poetry edited by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp and Leslie Hunten

rated PG-13 – R

145 pages

published 1994

Art by Rosemarie Hauer, Alexandra Fössinger, Pam Tuck, Renate Haller, Colby Pfeil, Connie Asch, Ana Elias-Terry, Inez Brown and Sandy  “Chan” Shelton.

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This issue of Bondstories received an outstanding achievement award from the readers of "Soulmates ... A Never-ending Dream.. winning 2nd place in the Anthology Zine category. This issue was also a first-round nominee for the 1995 Fan Quality Award, bestowed ty the L. A. con committee.

8 stories by authors Ann R. Brown, Rosemarie Hauer, Joyce Fuller Kleikamp, Teri Peppe, Ana Elias-Terry, Helva Peters, and Andrea Dumasius

Red For Remembering dramatizes the remembrance service held Below for Margaret.

A Silent Knowledge describes Catherine's growing awareness of the bond.

Checkmate describes the bond taking on a will of its own, bringing V/C inexorably together through highly erotic shared dreams.

Dialogue with a Rose gives a twist to the words; 'I have never regretted what I am; until now.'

Dear Dmitri ... is a series of letters saying goodbye to Dmitri (of 'Ashes; Ashes') from Vincent, Catherine, Father and Eric.

A Dance to Silent Music has C trying to help V with a Gregory Coyle-like intruder setting off bombs at thresholds.


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