Bondstories 5 – Rhythms of Life

Anthology of five Classic stories edited by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp and Leslie Hunten.

178 pages

Rated PG-13 – R

Art by Ana Rita Elias-Terry, Rosemarie Hauer, Renate Haller, Alexandra Fossinger, Connie Asch, Inez Brown

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Stories by Andrea Dumasius, Ann R. Brown, Rosemarie Hauer, and Joyce Fuller Kleikamp. Poetry by Andrea Dumasius and Joyce Fuller Kleikamp

Bridges Not Barriers presents what might have happened if Catherine had taken that job in Providence.

In The Mirror, Catherine finds her scarred face hard to bear. She wants to be strong, but every day is a struggle. She only has memories of those ten days below with Vincent, and they're not enough. She needs something more.

In Sine Qua Non C & V are married 20 years and must try to come to terms with the death of Father which leads to a flashback of their first becoming lovers (strong PG-13).

In Someone Else's Possibility V/C declare - and erotically express - their love.


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