Bondstories 4 – The Truth of All We Are

Anthology of Classic, Continued Classic, and 4th season (no Diana, but no Catherine either) stories edited by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp and Leslie Hunten.

157 pages

Rated PG-13 – R

Art by Ana Rita Elias-Terry, Rosemarie Hauer, Renate Haller, Rita Terrell

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Stories by Ann R. Brown, Joyce Fuller Kleikamp, Andrea Dumasius, and Rosemarie Hauer.

Poetry by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp, Ana Rita Elias-Terry, Arie Raymond

From the Editors: "The dream of Vincent and Catherine endures! Once again we present a collection of stories, poems, and art that embraces the romance, explores the mysteries, celebrates the Bond, and honors the Dream."

In Mindpuzzles, C is suffering a series of nightmares.

In Peter's Prescription C makes a startling request of V after being shot in The Beast Within.

Halfway to Heaven reveals the road to the afterlife V opened in The Watcher is dangerously a two-way path.

In Mother's Day, V tends orphaned kittens and gains a tantalizing glimpse of his beginnings through an old janitor's report.

In One Perfect Whole Catherine does her spring cleaning and makes an unexpected discovery that awakens buried memories.


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