Bondstories 3 – Living the Dream

Anthology of Classic, Continued Classic, and 4th season (no Diana, but no Catherine either) stories edited by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp and Leslie Hunten.

178 pages, published 1991

Rated PG 13 – R

Art by Ana Rita Elias-Terry, Rosemarie Hauer, Inez Brown, Andrea Dumasius, Jackie Kapke

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7 stories plus some poetry by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp, Ann R. Brown, Ana Rita Elias-Terry, and Andrea Dumasius. The editor describes the issue as one "in which we celebrate the ever-evolving relationship of V and C. ... The patient development of their relationship is as essential as any future prospect of union."

Star Party offers a heavenly visit into Catherine's past as a star-gazer.

Please Visit Tonight is a story of misinterpreted messages. Catherine botches her message on the pipes to the amusement of other Tunnel dwellers.

In Haunted, Vincent is tormented by the ghosts of Jason Walker and others he's killed.

C. C. Rider  involves a serial killer/rapist and the return of Mitch Denton.

In Dooms of Love a grown Jacob loves Lena's Katie and attempts to reunite the souls of his parents. (considered 4th season)

The Threshold of Transitions is a continuation of Lifeline's Return which appeared in Volume 2 and also projects a series of events in the future, this time as Continued Classic.

This zine presented the first stories by Ann R. Brown, who went on to be a prolific writer.


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