Bondstories 2 – The Power of Love

Anthology of Classic, Continued Classic, and SND stories edited by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp and Leslie Hunten. Some poetry.

201 pages, published 1991

Rated PG – PG-13

Art by Ana Rita Elias-Terry and Jackie Kapke

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Fewer, but longer stories than in Bondstories 1. Again, some poetry. All Classic, Continued Classic, and SND stories, most focused on Catherine's return. Stories by Leslie Hunten, Andrea Dumasius, Joyce Fuller Kleikamp.

Kindred Spirits is a finding/capture of Mouse story.

In Veritas Te Liberatem  Vincent goes into the kingdom of Hades and Persephone to recover Catherine. A compelling mythic journey in which all wrongs are set right and Vincent and Catherine achieve their deserved happiness.

Vincent's suppressed desire for Catherine overwhelms in in Innocent Transgression. An emotionally charged examination of the power and magic of their bond.

In Episode 56--Yesterday's Shadows by Joyce F. Kleikamp, a comatose Catherine is located by Diana.


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