Bondstories 1 – The Romance Continues

Anthology of mostly Classic stories edited by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp and Leslie Hunten. Some poetry.

176 pages, published 1991

Editor states the stories “explore adult themes”. Some stories focus on Vincent’s life after Catherine’s death (no Diana, hence the 4th season category)

Readers should note that in Courage and Love Catherine beats Vincent up to prove to him he is incapable of hurting her.

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Mostly 1st and 2nd season spinoffs and elaborations (Classic), but some stories deal with Vincent alone or SND 3rd season.

Stories by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp, Liza Mills, Leslie Hunten, Dixie Power Casero

Art by Ana Rita Elias-Terry

From the editors' preface: "Some of the stories venture into a more experimental realm of fiction, others are flights of magical fantasy. Most are of the "classic" genre, but several stories touch upon Vincent's existence without Catherine. These few pages, if taken alone, reflect the third season story-line, yet in the context of Bondstories remind us that sacrifice and loss are as much a part of life and dreams as love and fulfillment. Throughout all of the pages, we hope you will be warmed and heartened by the truth of their love and the eternal nature of their bond."

In The Gift, A twist of fate saves Catherine from Gabriel's death sentence, but unbearable longing for her child brings another threat to her life.

In Aftermath, Vincent says, "There is that in me that feeds on the darkness ... and I am lost in it." Hidden emotions haunt both Vincent ad Catherine after the violence inflicted upon the tunnel world by The Outsiders. This conflict initiates their search for a new level of truth between them.

In I'm Here, Elliot Burch's love for Catherine leads him to the most painful and noble sacrifice of his life and an answer to Vincent's darkest question.

Episode 45 - The Rest Is A Happy Life is a  soothing and wonderful of Catherine and Vincent for souls who remain unhealed from Season Three.

Please note: there are 11 volumes in the Bondstories series.


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