A 3rd Season based, alternate universe novel by Rhonda Collins

rated R

109 pages

published 1997

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This 3rd season  based, alternate universe novel takes off from the premise that Gabriel and Snow are both vampires ... and they've made Catherine one, too. As Vincent and Diana, dismayed, attempt to come to terms with the situation, Snow initiates Catherine into her new existence.

The author's preface states:

"This story began as a bad joke and was originally never intended for publication. I suppose I was frustrated with the many fans who refused to see the show as one entity and insisted that Catherine hadn't died. Poor Cathy has been brought back in so many ways already - all of them rather improbably, considering everything we were shown on screen, and the scenarios have been used over and over. So, I figured, why not push the envelope and bring her back in a really different way? I suppose this way is no more or less believable than any of the others ...

I suppose this story should also come with a[n] apology ... but what the heck. Anyone who sees Catherine as Saint Catherine and believes she walks on water ... well ... don't read this .... Bloodbond is cheerfully dedicated to all the fans who were tired of seeing Cathy come back from the dead."

Rhonda Collins was a prolific author and the CRLL owns many of her zines. Some are cross referenced below, but they're not part of the Bloodbond storyline.



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