Blind Justice

a Classic novel by Peter Formaini, sequel to Fortress on a Tranquil Beach

rated R

161 pages

published 1991

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This is the second volume of the Catherine Chandler Trilogy. It follows Fortress on a Tranquil Beach and finished in Refuge of the Brave.

This is a sequel to Fortress on a Tranquil Beach. It deals with the trial of a blind homosexual, Alan Trescoe, who is charged with the murder of his lover, Mark. Vincent and Catherine become involved with the case and Catherine recruits Dayce Di Cenzo, a childhood friend and fellow lawyer, to defend Alan. Catherine must come to grips with a problem involving another man's testimony.

Joe has been investigating Catherine and Devin. Catherine and Joe face off in court, Catherine in this story being a defense lawyer. Elliot Burch appears.

Though Vincent and Catherine consummate their relationship (hence the R rating), Vincent is a background figure in this novella. Catherine makes some decisions that will change her life forever and possibly everyone else's lives too.


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