Bless the Beast and the Children

by Kim Prosser and Lisa Swope

A third season, Vincent/Diana-centric story.

published May 1995

rated G

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A slight revision and expansion of the 1991 zine Invocation for a Child. The text is listed as being copyrighted in both 1991 and 1995.

This story centers around murdered child Melissa (formerly called Amy.) In the original story, Amy was a ghost. In this story, Melissa's haunting is strictly figurative as Diana takes on the job of identifying her killer - with Vincent's help. Although Vincent and Diana are fond of one another, this story has them keeping their distance romantically. Diana proves to have mad marionette-making skills. She and Vincent create a puppet show.

Sequel to this story is And a Little Child Shall Lead Them.

Kim Prosser and Lisa Swope published many titles. The CRLL owns a good many of them!


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