Black Cover

A controversial anthology of adult stories  written by the mysterious M. Louis.

Be warned! Contains explicit sexual material, not for readers under the age of 21 (as stated on the flyleaf).

Reader comments at the time of publication warned the self-reported rating was “insufficient to cover the violence and sado-masochistic stories” contained.

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150 pages
published 1990


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Extremely controversial zine made up of three stories:

In A Darkness on the Edge, a young Vincent engages in a sadistic menage a trois with two prostitutes.

In Beauty and the Beast revised, lawyer Catherine moonlights as a call girl and one of her clients is Vincent.

In Wednesday Night Moves, Vincent visits Diana to watch a movie but they ignore the movie and have sex instead.

From the sales flyer: "Is it true some secrets are better left untold? Sometimes when lovers are together they are willing to unfold even the worst part of their life to that person they trust most. There are three tales here, A DARKNESS ON THE EDGE and BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (revised) are stories of facing an unforgiving past that can haunt a person. The third tale WEDNESDAY NIGHT MOVES is one of the promise the future can bring. The darkness of the past can sometimes light the way to an even brighter future.

This zine sparked a lot of outrage, both at the stories themselves, the author, as well as at the subsequent reviewers pro and con. The commentary and debate took place in the letterzine Tunnel Talk. It must be said that not all reviews were - or are today - negative, however the author of the zine did take it out of print. The situation proved divisive for fandom.

Negative response was so fierce an in-answer zine, was published, titled White Cover. The stories in that zine are not x-rated, however.


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