Beyond the Threshold 3

Anthology zine produced by Shenandoah West

Includes the third installment of West’s Phantom Knight, sequel to the novellas in Beyond the Threshold 1 and 2

140 pages
published 1991

cover art by the author
internal art by Lynda Jacobson


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Includes Shenandoah West's third installment of the novella, The Phantom Knight. (Parts 1 and 2 published in the first two zines of this series.)

3 other stories by Shenandoah West. In one, a serial killer is using the upper tunnels as his getaway route while heavy rain is causing flooding Below. In another, a young runaway rescued by Vincent and brought Below attaches herself to him, much to his dismay. In the third, Vincent is captured by a circus owner to be displayed as a sideshow attraction.

Poetry by Debbie Ristick and Shenandoah West.

Part of a 3-zine series


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