Beyond Beginnings Book 1

Alternate 3rd season novel by Linda S. Barth.

Rated PG-13

193 pages

Cover art by Inez Brown

poetry by Peggy Garvin

Internal art by Inez Brown, Neal Farris, Teri Milliman, Michele Scott


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A Batb novel of romance, sensual and optimistic, full of hope. A story of Vincent and Catherine's journey toward love - though there be obstacles and conflicts -  toward truly being together.  Its suspense and tension arise from the excitement of exploring their relationship and each character's yearning for a life together. Much laughter, tears, tenderness and passion, desires and dreams come true.

The author wrote many BatB novels and stories. This particular zine is part of a two-title series, but the CRLL owns several other titles. She still writes today and her newer stories can be found online at BatB fan sites, such as Tunnel Tales and WFOL.


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