Between Two Worlds 3 – Mirrors in the Soul

Alternate 3rd season novel written by Barbara Goulter, sequel to Between Two Worlds 2 – Though Lovers Be Found. Diana figures prominently in this story.

Rated PG

157 pages

Cover art by Maria Mikhailis

Internal illustrations by Barbara Gudlauski

The author dedicates this zine to Nan Dibble, author of Acquainted with the Night (and many other zines)


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Alternate 3rd season novel continues the story of BTW-2. Catherine is pregnant and Vincent grows increasingly anxious about her. He worries he'll lose her in childbirth as he did in his dream. Meanwhile, Joe continues to investigate Catherine's disappearance. Diana, however, endeavors to keep him in the dark.

Much of the story deals with Vincent's relationship with Diana. She understands him and is very much like him and Vincent is drawn to her despite his love for Catherine. In his mind, they are only friends, but Diana is very in love with Vincent. Diana's involvement in the playing-out of the dream is unique, particularly when Vincent is "going mad in the cave".

The author, Barbara Goulter, is a professional  - a published author who has also written for television. She's lectured on film and literature and had her own syndicated radio show on Japanese culture.


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