Between Two Worlds 2 – Though Lovers Be Found

Alternate 3rd season novel written by Barbara Goulter

Rated PG-13 – R (one scene of explicit sex)

200 pages

Published in 1990

Cover art by Maria Mikhailis


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This novel diverges from The Rest Is Silence and makes 3rd Season a dream Vincent experienced in the cave at the end of The Rest Is Silence. But then ... his nightmare begins to come true, placing Catherine danger. Catherine subsequently discovers that Diana does exist and that she shares a bond with Vincent. Catherine becomes pregnant and the story continues in Between Two Worlds 3.

Percy Byssche Shelley's poem, Epipsychidion, is quoted in full in this novel, its stanzas interspersed between chapters to embellish the themes of the  story. The author calls it the greatest treatment of love in English poetry. In its 600 lines, Shelley considers virtually every approach to erotic love: Platonic, romantic, altruistic, idyllic, domestic, exclusive, non-exclusive, orgiastic, idealistic, self-indulgent, and self-sacrificing.

The author, Barbara Goulter, is a professional  - a published author who has also written for television. She's lectured on film and literature and had her own syndicated radio show on Japanese culture.


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