Between Two Worlds 1

Stories and poetry written by Barbara Goulter

Rated PG-13

194 pages

Published in 1989


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Two main novellas, Providence and Balancing Act, and two poems, one of them 9 pages long

A Classic zine, written before the events of Season 3.

Note: In the story Providence, Catherine does have a sexual relationship with Elliot Burch. While in Rhode Island, she is shot and develops amnesia. Elliot uses it as his chance to worm his way back into her heart. Vincent feels she would be better without him and wills her to forget him. This saps his strength and almost kills him prompting Lena to help Catherine remember her past.

In Balancing Act, Jenny finds Vincent's diary n Catherine's apartment and wants to publish it.

The author, Barbara Goulter, is a professional - a published author, lecturer, and radio show host.


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