Beauty at the Beach

1998 International Beauty and the Beast Convention zine:  To See the World in a Grain of Sand

produced by the Dream Seekers of Virginia Beach, Virginia

176 pages

an all-season conzine


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Anthology zine: Stories and poems by JoAnn Baca, Melinda Madison, Sara Conklin, K.J. Morgia, round robin story (Shawn Baddinger, Gwen Lord, Judy Loyd, Nancy Mastandrea, Karen Montgomery, Pat Wittenbrink), Dianne Russel, Carol Craig, China Wells, Pat King, Sue Haley (conzine quiz), Jan Durr, Teri Peppe.

Includes a memory letter by the MyhrMaids about Sara Conklin who died after a courageous battle with cancer.

Art by Sandy "Chan" Shelton, Mariana Broers, Jan Durr, Sandy Tew, Sally Perkins, Lynette Combs.


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