B & B Lite

Humorous and satirical poems and stories by the mysterious Sue D. Nim.

Edited by Lucinda C. Brown

Art by Nancy A. Stasulis



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The editor states she received an anonymous packet of stories from Sue D. Nim who was offering her the chance to publish them. Apparently a different zine editor had rejected them, saying hers was "a serious B&B zine into which a lot of effort goes, and your stories are not serious, not long, not romantic and not meaningful. I'd get murdered by the LOCs (letters of comment) if I included a story that made fun of the show."

This zine of miscellany includes a vignette about the soggy aftermath of the rained out concert in 'Chamber Music', a gallery of pictures of Vincent drawn a la the great master, and comics detailing assorted scenes we'd like to see on BatB.


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