Beauty and the Beast, Book 5 – The Silent Self

Written and illustrated by Rhonda Collins. 11 stories exploring Diana’s and Vincent’s relationship.

Published 1992

147 pages

Rated PG-13 – mild R for intense emotional scenes and some sexual descriptions

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Follows directly after The Legend of the Soul. (Book Five in this series).

From the author: In The Silent Self, the story begins with Diana and Vincent having a violent argument relating to the Other. Through Diana's study of Father's journals and Vincent's explorations below, a very strange and convoluted story relating to Vincent's past emerges. Vincent is forced to face his past - and his present - in a violent confrontation with another being like himself who threatens the tunnel community and his life. Once an uneasy peace has been restored, Vincent must deal with his attitude towards Diana's psychological makeup and his own.

Be aware that Diana makes love to "The Other" while Vincent is theoretically sleeping.

There are 5 volumes in this series by Rhonda Collins.


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