Beauty and the Beast, Book 4 – The Legend of the Soul

Written and illustrated by Rhonda Collins. 11 stories exploring Diana’s and Vincent’s relationship.

Published 1992

140 pages

Rated PG-13

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Follows directly after The Truth of Love. (Book Four in this series).

From the author: In The Legend of the Soul, Vincent and Diana have grown together through the time since Catherine's death, but now Vincent's deeper psychology begins to play a part ... one that he ie not quite ready to deal with. He has all his life kept those parts of himself that he could not control (his rage) and the strong emotions he had no outlet for (his desire) bottled up in to a separate part of himself ... this "other" being, which has become very real for him. Diana has made him realize he must learn to accept these feelings as a natural and normal part of himself, but he feels he has a long way to go to get to where he wants to be. These stories make some speculations as to how "the Other" came to be.

There are 5 volumes in this series by Rhonda Collins.


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