Beauty and the Beast, Book 1 – A New Beginning

Written and illustrated by Rhonda Collins. 11 stories exploring Diana’s and Vincent’s new relationship.

Published 1992

92 pages

Rated PG-13

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The connected stories in this zine begin with When The Nighttime Comes in which Diana has formed a one-way bond with Vincent, meaning she feels his emotions. She has fallen deeply in love with him, yet his grief for Catherine is killing her. She finally confronts him.

In Of Self and Soul, Vincent begins to deal with the strange feelings he is experiencing in caring for someone when the bond is on the other side.

In Fairy Song, Brigit O'Donnell returns and Vincent's attraction to her disturbs Diana through the bond.

Subsequent stories enlarge on their relationship until the final one in which they marry.

There are 5 volumes in this series by Rhonda Collins.


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