Atanzi – Book One: Beginnings

An Alternate Universe story by Vickey Brickle-Macky

published in 1992

192 pages


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As described by the author: an original novel roughly set in the Beauty and the Beast Universe

For over ten thousand centuries there was the loose-knit Confederation deep in the heart of the galaxy. 700 years ago, a war began between the ancient Atanzi and the upstart Rumnulska. The Atanzi, a highly civilized, leonine-appearing humanoid race had been one of the chief advocates for peace for the Confederation until the savage, lizard-like Rumnulska were admitted. The natural animosity between the two escalated.

An Atanzi crusier was attacked and was shot down by its pursuers over the third planet of an unmapped star system. Some of his crew survived the crash, but the ship was destroyed beyond repair. The survivors found themselves stranded on a primitive planet inhabited by humans living at a very low level of technology. Lucikly the natives near the crash site were friendly and welcomed the strangers. Chief,Thunder Arrow, however, objected when his son fell in love with one of the female Atanzi. Will the Atanzi be driven from the land? Can the Atanzi find a happy life in this new world?

Vickey Brickle-Mackey was prolific and the CRLL owns many of her zines. She wrote under a few different, but similar, names.


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