As Soft Wings Unfold

26 poems by Katrina Relf interwoven into a novella written by Wendy De-Veryard

published in 1999

Art by Renate Haller

147 pages

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As described by the author, Wendy De-Veryard, the story began as a tender love story between V and C, weaving in Katrina Relf's poetry. The concept grew and changed, but it is still a love story between V and C, interspersed with lovely poems and art. In some cases the poetry is slightly altered to fit the storyline.

The story sees Vincent confronting his desire for Catherine in the face of her declared love and the life she will have bound to him below. An orphaned child, Rachel figures prominently in the story.

Wendy De-Veryard was prolific and the CRLL owns many of her zines.


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