Arthur’s Quest

nine stories written by Ann R. Brown

publication date not stated

Art by Colby Pfeil, Rita Terrell, John Forier, Connie Asch, Teri Milliman, Sarah Kucerova, Nate Dryden, Paul Wunder

147 pages

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Nine of Brown's short stories. They are all classic/continuing classic, (no SNDs) however in one story Vincent has passed away.

In 'A Maglione Christmas,' Joe Maxwell volunteers to make Christmas dinner for C's relatives.

'Mother's Little Angel' has C kidnapped by a brutally childish man and his vicious, greedy mother.

In 'The Blue Danube'' C/V share a memorable dance.

In 'Happiness; Inc.' shrink Dr. Grafton (of 'A Happy Life') persuades C to go for a weekend retreat among man-hating feminists.

In 'The After-Comers' - which the author terms controversial - C tries to rebuild a life after V's death.

The story 'Arthur's Quest' tells of two tunnels pets - raccoon Arthur and haughty cat Ooja - trying to heal a rift between V/C.

In 'The Whole Truth and Nothing But' a former tunnel dweller delivers the hurtful benefit of her new-found religiosity and intolerance to startled C & V.

In 'King Burch' in despair over C's decision (in 'Ozymandius') to marry Elliot, V tells tunnel children a fairy tale of King Burch, the lovely maiden Kathryn, and the terrible Beast. An early version of this story was published in Reflection's III.

Ann R. Brown was a prolific writer and the CRLL owns many of her zines


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