Amber Eyes 1

A 4th season novella written by “Cat”.

Season 3 did occur and Catherine is dead, however Diana does not figure in this story.

Published in 1991

101 pages

Rated PG

Cover art and internal art by the author


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In this novella, the events of 3rd season did occur and Catherine is gone, classifying this as a 4th season zine. However Diana does not figure in this story.

The author's preface states: "Vincent still loves Catherine, but since she is dead, he is ... alone. I have not "paired him up" with anyone, even though I myself wouldn't care if he was. I could accept that, just to have him back."

V encounters a woman with extraordinary telekinetic and telepathic powers: she can kill someone with a look. The primary character is an empathic zoo veterinarian with a mysterious, painful past. She is introduced to the Tunnels by Mouse, who was searching for help for a very ill Arthur. She and Vincent become friends, but only friends. He senses her pain and has to help her.

The story concludes in Amber Eyes 2: Marina's Pride.


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