Amare 5

Three stories written by Janet Ellicot

no publication date given, but the QFER says came out pre-1992

35 pages

Rated mild R – non-explicit sexual situations. Subtitled “an adult Beauty and the Beast fanzine”.

The Amare series is multi-media, however this issue is all BatB


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Three stories, all centering on Tunnel inhabitants with V/C taking minor roles.

In 'When Love Was King;'  tunnel newcomer Terri interacts with V, Father, and especially William with whom she comes to share a closeness.

'In the Bleak Midwinter;' is a story of Jamie and Mouse at Winterfest.

'Of Mice and Woman;' follows tunnel newcomer Shari, a traumatized girl who comes out of her shell with Mouse's gentle guidance.

The editor also published the Frak series of multi-media zines in which some BatB stories are included. The Frak series is for general audiences, while the Amare series is more adult.


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