A SND novel by Barbara “JC” Stoddard

Published in 1991

Unnumbered typewritten pages
Estimating 190

Rated PG

Cover art by Keith Nichols.



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Described by the author as a story that picks up immediately at the end of second season,, an alternate reality to the aired 3rd season.

In the author's letter to fellow fans, she recalls meeting Roy Dotrice at a convention where he stated "a way had to be found to bring Catherine back". It was that comment that prompted her to write this story. It began, she says, as a two page draft, then grew to a ten page short story. From there it became a full two-hour screenplay that the author submitted to Ron Koslow. Fan friends encouraged her to turn the screenplay into a story format.

LIBRARIAN'S NOTE: Always 2 was planned for a Winter 1991 publication. Stories were listed as: V & C attend Nancy's Halloween Party. Devin meets Brigit O'Donnell. A great sorrow occurs, causing problems for V & C's wedding and their future. The CRLL does not own a copy of this zine. If you have one you'd be willing to donate, please contact the librarian.


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