All Things Are Possible 6

Anthology zine edited by Sandy P, Shelton, Joann Grant, & Sandy ‘Chan’ Shelton.

Continuing classic stories of married V & C, following from the alternate 3rd season story line of Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.
More vignettes than in previous volumes.
Contains some flashbacks before V & C became lovers

Some steamy art

published in 1994.

Rated PG-13

166 pages

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Stories by Sandy P. Shelton, Carla McRorie, Raye Horton, Jackie Skalski
Poetry by Carla McRorie, Lysa McRorie, Raye Horton

Art by Sandy 'Chan' Shelton, Inez Brown, Mickey Sayles


Jamie is attacked by a gang in the park but is saved by a stranger who is blinded. Mouse worries that Jamie is falling in love with her savior.

Catherine tries to give Vincent a taste of the ocean by setting up a waterbed for them Below.

Catherine is overcome by her own 'dark side' when she is confronted by a mugger who hurts her son.

Vincent has a chance to encourage a discouraged William Shakespeare when on a journey to the Crystal Cavern.

An artist gives Catherine a portfolio of drawings he did when she posed nude for the life study class at Radcliffe. What is the secret about the drawings that causes the artist to be tortured and killed?

Devin happens upon V & C having sex, and V is outraged that he watched instead of leaving immediately.

A young man named Charlie Hamilton contacts Catherine and claims to be her half-brother. What is her reaction and what is his reaction to Vincent?


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