All Things Are Possible 5

Anthology zine edited by Sandy Shelton, Joann Grant, & Vicki Thomas.

Primarily continuing classic stories of married V & C, following from the alternate 3rd season story line of Volumes 1, 2, 3, and 4.

published in 1993.

Rated PG-13 – mild R in places
One story deals with Catherine learning that Tom Gunther has been diagnosed with AIDS


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The shared assumption of all these stories is that V/C have been married for six years and have two children: Jacob and Mary Catherine (Katie). C works Above but lives Below.

Stories by Ray Dene Horton, Sandy P. Shelton, Carla McRorie, Michael Thomas
Art by Sue Krinard (cover) Sandy 'Chan' Shelton, Amber Shelton, Mickey Sayles, Jim Garrison

'Gaston's Story' is a take on the Disney animated BatB in which vain, macho, dolt Gaston and tubby little admiring sidekick Le Feu are put - by a disapproving Enchantress -into each other's bodies after the movie's conclusion.

In  'A Valentine Surprise' Mouse prepares a Valentine's gift for Jamie, complicated by Arthur's help.

'Against a Sea of Troubles' combines V's deciding to have a vasectomy and what comes of it with Joe Maxwell's rage at a punk responsible for (but acquitted of) Joe's father's murder. Rated strong PG-13/mild R V/C eroticism. The follow-up story - 'Legacy of Fear' - explores the aftermath of V's vasectomy. 

In 'Legacy of Fear - AIDS' Catherine learns Tom Gunther has AIDS. The news turns her happy life inside out.


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