All Things Are Possible 4

Anthology zine edited by Sandy Shelton.

Continuing classic stories of married V & C, following from the alternate 3rd season story line of Volumes 1, 2, and 3.

published in 1992.

Rated PG-13 – mild R in places
Some mild erotic art

270 pages

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In 'Passions Renewed' it's six weeks after the birth of their second child and V&C are anxious to renew their intimacy. Also Vincent risks his own life saving a stranger and is injured Above. Who is Morgan Church and can she be trusted?

5 Stories by Sandy P. Shelton, Kathi Edrington, Carla McRorie
Popular song lyrics and classic poetry

Art by Pam Martin (Pam Tuck), Elaine Scruggs, Sandy "Chan" Shelton, Belinda Wojolk, Mickey Sayles, and Sue Krinard
Color cover art by Sandy "Chan" Shelton

In 'The Silent Heart' an intellectually disabled man is found wandering in the tunnels.

In 'A Day in the Sun;' against Father's objections, Vincent finally has his actual day in the sun, along with his family and the Tunnel-World.

In 'When Eagles Fly' Catherine is kidnapped and threatened in order to put pressure on Morgan Church in a takeover bid on her company. Vincent's rescue of Catherine is captured on videotape. Will Morgan give in to the blackmailer to save Vincent and his world?


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