All Things Are Possible 3

Anthology zine edited by Sandy Shelton.

Connected stories follow from the alternate 3rd season story line of Volumes 1 and 2.

Devin, Elliot, and Diana (as a friend) all appear. V and C are married and C is expecting their second child


Rated PG-13

221 pages

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A continuation of the SND 4th season story line created in Volumes 1 and 2.

Stories and poetry by Sandy Shelton, Kathi Edrington, Carla McRorie.

Art by Pat Wallerius, Sandy Chandler Shelton, Pam Martin (Pam Tuck), Sue Krinard (cover)

Story lines include: C & V decide to have a second child, but the issue is complicated by an attempt to frame C for a murder and other casework. Jacob, V, and C--separately--enjoy Halloween. After a freak accident with one of Mouse's contraptions, tragedy threatens and is observed by angels. In a subsequent story V meets one of those angels. One story is told from the unborn child's perspective. Several stories involve Devin. One includes Elliot. Diana appears briefly in another.


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