All Things Are Possible 2

Anthology zine edited by Sandy Shelton.

Connected stories follow from the alternate 3rd season story line of Volume 1.  Some elements of the events of third season are relived.

Diana appears but Catherine and Vincent finally marry.


Some sex. Rated R.

213 pages

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In connected stories by different writers, C, having survived 3rd season by whatever means, settles variously into life either Below with V and Jacob or Above  with Jacob and visiting V. Diana causes C some emotional difficulties.

'Ozymandias No More' deals with Elliot's attempt to stop a building project which threatens the tunnels He's now a helper and in love with Fiona, a weaver in the tunnel community.

Kristopher Gentian appears in the final story.

Stories by Kathi Edrington, Carla McRorie, Sandy Shelton

Poetry by Carla McRorie, Elaine Scruggs

Art by Pam Martin (Pam Tuck), Elaine Scruggs, Belinda Wojcik


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