All That Lights Upon Us 2

edited by Loreen VanderKratts

An anthology of adult stories and vignettes that mainly focus on the consummation of C and V’s relationship. All Classic stories.

rated R

218 pages

Part of a 2-title series

Published in 1992



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Van Der Kraats' 'Out of the Darkness' re-engages C/V with imprisoned Kanin and finds parallels between his limits and theirs. Kathy Babcock's 'Never a Dull Moment' is a presentation of Dark Vincent and his role in V's relationship with C. Sandie Whited's 'Alley Cat' confronts C with the prospect of V as a belching bowler.  In 'In the Sunlight' Catherine takes things into her own hands. Vincent seeks Pascal's advice on love and sex in "Friendly Advice". In 'No Greater Love' Catherine helps an abused mother and baby as Vincent tries to overcome amnesia and remember what happened in the cave.

Trigger warning: In one story, Vincent marries a tunnel-dweller in order to free Catherine from their relationship. Devastated, Catherine attempts suicide.

Artwork by Rose Parker, Rosemarie Hauer, Sheri Pruehs, Kristy Effinger, Sandy C. Shelton, Lee, Charlotte Van Til

Stories and poetry by Loreen VanderKraats, Charlotte Van Til, Donna Vazquez, Jeanne Cloud, Snow Dancer, Grey Feather, Kathy Babcock, Karen Witkowski

Art by Rose Parker (cover), Rosemarie Hauer, Sheri Pruehs, Kristy Effinger, Sandy Chandler Shelton, Lee, Charlotte Van Til.


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