All That Lights Upon Us 1

edited by Loreen VanderKratts and Melissa Meyer

An anthology of adult stories; including several ‘first time’ stories. One is fairly explicit.

rated R

142 pages

Part of a 2-title series

Published in 1990



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In 'Over the Rainbow' by Mariya; Catherine throws Vincent a luau- in 'The Last Barrier' by Rose Chamberlain; V/C venture out at Samhain dressed as cats and have a dinner Above; then discover sensual distractions in C's apartment. 'At the Park Entrance' by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp has an elderly Catherine returning remorsefully to a grey-maned; nearly-blind Vincent. Includes a novelette about Vincent's origin by Melissa Mayer; 'The Mirror and the Lamp.' All stories are Classic; and only 'Choices' by Loreen Van der Kraats and a copy of Vincent's eulogy for Catherine allude to events beyond the Trilogy.


Stories by Melissa Meyer, Loreen VanderKraats, Rose Chamberlain, Mariya, Joyce Fuller Kleikamp, Marion Gallo, Snow Dancer

Poetry by Marie Celeste, Norma McMillen

Art by Linda Lakin, Beth Blighton, Rose Parker, JoLinda Mattison, Janette Myles


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