All’s Wells Again

A novella written by Edna Grice, a rewrite of the events after ‘the incident in the cave’ at the end of Season 2.

published in 2003, a British publication

Cover art by Clare Seiffert

Rated R in places

119 pages.

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A story that uses some - but not all - of the events after Season 2's end. Moreno is dirty; Joe is hurt in a car-bomb, but recovers. Vincent has no memory at first of what happened in the cave, but Father has encouraged Catherine to stay with him below. One night he asks Father is he and Catherine are actually married. Father has to confess they are not, but that is soon rectified. Joe eventually learns of Vincent's nature in an unexpected way. Catherine is not kidnapped, so this is not a SND story, but an alternative to 3S.

Some steamy moments here and there.


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