stories written by Vickey Brickle-Macky

An “after the third season” zine. Five interrelated stories roughly based on the events of the third season exploring Vincent’s life without Catherine.

Color cover, no internal art.

192 pages


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The author describes the contents thusly:

In the story Resurrection, Elliot is saved by Vincent as the Compass Rose explodes. His empire destroyed, Elliot is taken to the tunnels to recover from his injuries. He slowly regains his strength and finds a richer life than he has ever known with the help of Jamie.

In Recognition, it is 16 months since Catherine's death. With Father's help, Diana has moved Below to help care for Jacob and build a life in the tunnels. Vincent tries to deny the attraction he has for her until events force him to confront his feelings and her.

In Home At Last, Devin returns to the tunnels after Charles' death. He finds a changed world Below and love in the form of Lena.

In Destry, we read of the birth of Vincent and Diana's son. A new girl comes to the tunnels by accident and Mouse gets a girlfriend who is even more eccentric than he is.

In Double Play, the birth of Devin and Lena's twin sons occurs. Vincent begins a quest to discover his true origins.

Other zines by the same author appear below, though they are not part of a series. The author also went by the name Vickey Kime-Macky.


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