Acquainted with the Night 3

all stories written by Nan Dibble

published December 1991

The Diana/Vincent arc continues

Two short stories and 4 connected novelettes

211 pages, small print


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This continuation and resolution of the Vincent/Diana arc involves Diana's dangerous transition from latent to active empath and further developments with the bower,: tunnel-dwellers formerly led by Paracelsus. This 4th season zine is comprised of two short stories (a prologue and epilogue) and four connected novelettes, all in present time, describing the progression--and dangers--in the relationship between Diana and Vincent...and each of them with the Other.

Lots of art by Phyllis Berwick, Kriss Farver, Nan Dibble, Barbara Gipson,  Michele Hawley,  Lena Wood, Constantia, Jane Freeman, Jan Durr, Diana Leva



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