Acquainted with the Night 1

all stories written by Nan Dibble

published in 1990

Fourth season stories and novelettes with an ongoing Vincent/Diana arc.

Also stories of Vincent’s youth.

204 pages, small print


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11 stories. Some are humorous, some are very intense, but there's no graphic sex or violence, though violence is implied. Rated PG-13.

From the author re: third season - "For those able to look steadily into that white-hot incandescence of tragedy, grief, courage, hope, and final triumph, (third season) offers innumerable events, secrets, and mysteries to address in fictional terms what we and the characters have endured, that can only make us stronger, better, more powerful."

Lots of art by Phyllis Berwick, Anna Deavers, Kriss Farver, Nan Dibble, Barbara Gipson, Terri Librande, Holly Riedel


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