Above & Below – A Guide to Beauty and the Beast

Edited by Edward Gross

published in 1990

A collection of interviews and essays, plus an episode guide
The editor credits Starlog and Pipeline for permission to reprint articles from their issues.

111 pages

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Interviews with Ron Koslow, Linda Hamilton, Ron Perlman, Roy Dotrice, Terrylene, Tony Jay, ohn Mansbridge, Lee Holdridge.

Essays by Stephanie Wiltse, Mark Hartman, Kimberly Hartman, Sister Dorothy Sconzo, Nan Dibble, Les Leist, Nancy Hayes, Karen Rothenberg, Darrilynn Malone, Jeanne Cloud.

Episode guide features commentaries of George R. R. Martin, Howard Gordon, Alex Ganza, David Peckinpah, P. K. Simonds, Shelly Moore, Linda Campanelli, Victor Lobl, Gus Trikonis, Richard Franklin, Alan Cooke, Tony Jay, Ron Koslow.

Art and illustrations by Joyce DeBoard (photographs), Stephanie Wilste (photographs), Beth Blighton (exclusive art).



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