Abode of the Beast 1

by Catherine Victoria Lee

A novel in 18 chapters, rated R

Vincent falls (literally) into a strife-torn; Tolkienesque fantasy world; is captured; sold to an evil wizard; fights a giant in an arena; falls in love with Catherine’s counterpart; consummates the relationship and kills a dragon that threatens an Elven stronghold.

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162 p.
Published July 1989

Rated - R

First in a series: Abode of the Beast 1, 2, and 3

Artwork by Marilyn Cole, Rita Terrell, Anna Deavers, Sharon Wells, and Kathy Costello.

A note from the editor, S. E. Seliger on the author's storytelling ability: "How could one transplant Vincent to such an extraordinary alternative situation, add an R-rating, and make if work? But she did, and the following pages are a testimony to the most vivd of imaginations, for the most enduring of characters. If you enjoyed "Tunnels of Love" but wanted more of the romance with more plot line, this is for you. Instead of a variety of stories, it is one solid plot .. and what a plot it is!"


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