Everything New is … New Again!


The CRLL has changed hosting services and we’re now home at SiteGround. I’m very happy with the support I’ve had getting started at a new place, and I highly recommend the company if you’re looking for a home for your own website.

Of course, it took longer to get the site back up than I planned – some real life things took precedent (all good, but kept me busy and away from the computer). I had to retrain myself too in page design, and I spent a good bit of time trying my best to optimize the pages for tablets and phones. I’m sure professional designers can whip this stuff out, but it took me hours of trial and error (lots of errors), back and forth … “is it better now?” or “is it better now?” I can only cross my fingers now and hope that your phone and your tablet look like mine. Please let me know if something runs off the screen or is otherwise out of whack! 

Anyway … I was waiting to get going on that long-promised catalog of zines because I knew I’d be changing hosts this summer before the yearly fees at the old place were due. (SiteGround offers much better site speed and much, much better security.) Now I can start getting the collection up for browsing and ordering again. That will be slow, given there are 1000 photos to take and 1000 entries to make, but I’ll start with the As and stick with it until the Zs are reached. Thanks for the patience I know I’ve been and will be trying!

 ~ Carole W