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Tunnel Library Etiquette


As I’ve worked on the new zine ordering system, it has come to my attention that I should create a specific Terms and Conditions Agreement a borrower must accept before placing an order. It’s nothing draconian (the basics like ‘return on time’ and ‘responsible for loss or damage’) or even new, but I do hope you’ll read through the two associated statements concerning copying and sharing CRLL-borrowed zines online. 

The CRLL wants only to protect the work produced by so many treasured authors and artists, and that starts with honoring the copyrights either stated on the zine flyleaf or assumed and safeguarding the rights to privacy the authors and artists are due.

Please see the following pages:

Stance on the Reproduction and Sharing Online any zine borrowed from the CRLL

Terms and Conditions of Borrowing


 ~ Carole W