Our Helpers Are Treasures



Thanks to recent donations, the CRLL’s collection has grown … and will continue to grow.  

Linda Stork’s generous cash donation will purchase a copy of this year’s conzine, which will be available to borrow as soon as it arrives. Further, we have extra funds now to pounce on zines we need when they’re found for sale and/or to help defray postage for other donors’ gifted collections.  

Sadly, we lost one of our fandom family members. Diane Mussat passed away recently. Her husband Gary found JoAnn and delivered Diane’s BatB collection to her, her zines and memorabilia to be returned to fandom. What a loving thing to do, and how appreciated. Gary’s and Diane’s donation to the library added more than a dozen scripts to the shelves plus a zine that has been on our wishlist for years. 

Thank you, Linda. Thank you, Gary. You are, indeed, true helpers.  


 ~ Carole W